Friday, December 11, 2009

Quiet Inspiration

I hope you are finding peace and joy this season.
We are having a lovely December. The excitement of the season is building, so I'm taking a moment to sneak away, look for quiet inspiration, and to visit with you.
Images from Cocon via piou, and the beautiful Ritva.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Hey, you're back! Good to see you pop up on my blog roll! We were up in your neck of the woods last week - yes, just at the start of the frigid spell (and will be up again next week). If it helps, it has been equally as cold (or colder) in balmy Denver ;)

Happy Holidays to you!

ps - if you send me your mailing address at maialarkin at gmail dot com (minus spaces) I'll send you a little Holiday something.

liza said...

Oh, yey! It's so nice to hear from you TWD. I've missed being here, but won't be back full force for a bit.

jane said...

you´re back! hopefully with your batteries recharged (as they like to say here). hope all is well. i´m loving all your finds! warm hugs! jane

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