Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Just Been Busy...

...the Summer fun kind of busy, so no complaints. I haven't been here much, though. I do apologize for my absence (I'm definitely sneaking in visits to my favorites!). I expect to be here more regularly by Monday, and hopefully a few times before then. A very happy new month to you!

print by David Weidman (my current artist crush).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Many Thanks to Holly and Jonathan Adler

I'm so excited because Holly held a giveaway on her lovely Decor8 and I won! I am the winner of a $100 gift card from Jonathan Adler. So exciting! I've been following and loving Decor8 since I first discovered blogs in March of 2008 (yes, that's when I first heard of blogs...you can laugh at me now). She has great style, writes beautifully and is so good to all the independent artists, designers, and crafters in the world - I had no idea how many talented people were out there creating and selling their work until I started following Holly. I have watched Jonathan Adler for a number of years (about five) now. I've had my eye on his menagerie collection. Aren't they iconic? I do have to say, though, that his Utopia Caesar/Cornelia Vase really calls to me, too. This will be tough...but a kind of tough I'll really like. Thank you again Holly and Jonathan Adler!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whimsical Works

Oh my! My new book, The Whimsical Works of David Weidman, arrived today and it is GORGEOUS!
And Mr. Weidman's life story is lovely. I implore you to buy one for yourself and love it as much as I do mine. I bought my signed copy, packaged with a sweet replica print, directly from David Weidman's website. Please go there now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wish You Were Here

Isn't that what you say on a postcard? And this is today's postcard from here... Colorado!
What a lovely hike today. The blue sky is finally back. Everything is so green because of the rain. The hummingbirds are whizzing overhead. And the columbines, the state flower, are in bloom. Wish you were here!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! These lovely prints were auctioned today in Zurich, Switzerland (among other amazing pieces). Wouldn't it have been fun to see them in person?prints by Cuno Amiet, Pablo Picasso, and Max Ernst

A Visitor


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Blues...And A Yellow

I see a lot of blue in my pictures from this past weekend. Our trip was to Fruita to watch family in their first triathlon. They did so well and we had such a good time. We also stopped at a lovely British car show in Glenwood Springs on the way home. When I chose each of these, I didn't notice the blueness, but it's fun to see it. And then there's a yellow one, which I think is fun, too...

Matthew Hilton's Sofa

I'm in love with the Hepburn Sofa. Matthew Hilton designed it and I think it is so beautiful. I'd love it in a room just like this, with big windows, a lovely piece of art, pillows and nothing else!Or how about the Hepburn sectional... and the I beam table? And a few chairs to round it all off?
Learn more about Matthew Hilton here (ummm, he's not so bad himself). And I must thank Sammy and Glenn of Pacha Design for their great taste.

Monday, June 15, 2009

David Weidman

Happy Monday! Remember last week's post about Angie Hranowsky's home? In one of Charleston Home's images (one I didn't show) we see this sweet print on the wall...In the magazine's resources section, we learn the print is by David Weidman. Hmmmm. Now I want them all. Especially these....I will surely buy The Whimsical Works of David Weidman, a collection of his career works, for my coffee table. In case you are unfamiliar with him or his work, there is this synopsis from the book: "Weidman began his career as an animator in 1950s Los Angeles, painting backgrounds for Hannah Barbara and setting the standard for the look of cartoons of that era. However, like a true entrepreneur he soon began to work for himself, and went on to establish a style that is today instantly recognizable and iconic. A printmaker, ceramicist, font designer, painter, cartoonist, and silk screener, Weidman never stopped experimenting as an artist. Today at age 87 Weidman's staggering body of work is just as modern and visually stunning as it was forty years ago. His graphic sensibility and expert use of saturated colour palletes evoke the vintage modern look while remaining completely relevant to contemporary designers."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maison Des Reves

Moving into the weekend, I'm inspired by the dreamy, exotic Maison des Reves. Last week, Mandarine featured this serene casbah, which I believe has been restored into a luxury resort. What a breezy, cool escape from the heat of Summer. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.photos Marie Claire Italia.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Charleston Mid-Century Glamour

Many of you may know the work of Angie Hranowsky, the talented and successful Charleston-based interior designer. During my trip, I saw a fantastic spread of her own home in Charleston Home magazine. So beautiful. See more images here.
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