Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black and White Three for E

Whoa... that week flew by. My little one visited with his grandparents, so we used the time for some home projects (painting and updating his room) and for some fun (hiking and dates). I do want to post two more black and white inspiration boards for my sister and niece, though, so here's the next one. It's based on this simple, stylish room below. The sling chair and the Componibili storage unit really caught my eye...
While I think the chair is amazing, I have no idea where to find one just like it. If you do, let me know. So, the Paulistano chair, which I also love, is my (pricey!) substitute. Perhaps the price renders it inappropriate for the dorm, but seriously when I told my husband a couple of years ago that I liked it, he said, "It looks like it belongs in a dorm." Right? (Update: Monika helped me find many a Butterfly chair, and the canvas ones are perfect for a dorm room. Thank you so much, Monika! See images of just two options at the end of this post) I like the pom pom blanket from West Elm for some texture similar to the cottonballish blanket in the inspiration photo, and I happened to be in Room and Board earlier today and loved their quilted bedding collection, so I've chosen that, too. Again, there's a little bit of sailing in the sweet boat from Tweet by Willow Baus on etsy.
Find my choices here: it wasn't me pillow, Marimekko Unikko pillow, Paulistano chair in white cotton (or purchase the frame here and a pattern to make your own cover here - much more affordable), West Elm desk boxes, West Elm kite kilim rug, Componibili storage unit, sailboat (this one is not available now, but I believe she will make similar), vintage pencil sharpener from bouquet on etsy, West Elm pom pom blanket, micro Tolomeo table lamp, xoxo pillow, quilted bedding from Room and Board, and Hable Construction's toiletry bag.
I'm planning one more board in the next day or two, so I hope you come look for it!
And here are two butterfly chair options, from Urban Outfitters and from Classic and Modern, which will use virtually any leather you'd like...

Once again, the inspiration image is from the beautiful soup.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Black and White Two for E

OK... here is dorm room idea board number two for my niece! (See the first here.) This one takes inspiration from the relaxed room below. I love how the flower wall paper adds a graphic pop, which I pick up with the totem pillow and the blanket from Pendleton Mills...
Again, I concentrated mostly on bedding, pillows, and room accessories because furniture (except perhaps a fun chair?) will be provided...Board two includes more natural elements, especially in the jute rug, the wooden boxes, the linen pillow, and the fun wire dog. My niece loves to sail, so I've incorporated sailing art work in both boards. I'm so drawn to the sailboat photograph in this board -- it's really peaceful to me.
Find components here: totem pillow and pom pom throw from West Elm, pillow from Pawling, floor lamp, jute rug, Eames rocking chair (or a less expensive copy here), embroidered frame pillow, vintage tin ceiling tile from Hindsvik on etsy, Hub Man, wood and lacquer desk boxes, Pendleton Woolen Mills flower blanket, hanging shoe organizer, "E" from Mr. Tom on etsy, sailing photograph by levens photography on etsy, and the vintage wire dachshund paper organizer from bouquet on etsy.

top image from The Beautiful Soup.

Black and White for E - One

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. My niece is heading off to prep school in a month and she's decided to decorate her dorm room in black and white. She's a young teenager, and she has great style and intelligence. I've created this first moodboard for her based on this beautiful image...Her room will certainly be a lot smaller than this one, with a twin bed, bureau, desk and roommate provided! I mostly concentrated on bedding, throw pillows and a few accessories. This bed image is from West Elm, to show my sister and niece how the parachute duvet cover looks. It's feminine but sophisticated, I think. Click on the moodboard to enlarge and see the details more clearly...
Here's where you can find the: corwin and mociun pillows, tulip chair from Target, west elm organic cotton blanket, west elm parachute duvet cover, PB Teen task lamp, Format desk accessories from CB2, Jonathan Adler hugs pillow, black sheepskin pillow from, tin mug from hindsvik on etsy, zebra print rug from amazon, cable knit pillow from a crooked sixpense on etsy, and three choices for a colorful print: sailboat print from mengseldesign on etsy, wishbone chair print from treasury designs on etsy, love print from Jennifer Ramos on etsy.
I hope to put together a few more black and white with pops of color boards this week, so stay tuned!

top image from The Beautiful Soup.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Did I tell you we went camping last weekend? This time, we went with friends and my boy was thrilled!What fun we had!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random 1st Dibs

These varied pieces, from 1st Dibs' new listings today, caught my eye...(it says "this painting is meant to be displayed above the bed in the guestroom")This last one is a 19th century Japanese "treasure house" door, from an outbuilding that housed treasures in case of fire. And I love it.

So Pretty

especially on a hot day...The cool blue-white and the lack of clutter soothe me.
The Vedbaek House by Norm Architects, found thanks to Remodelista.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My little one will go to kindergarten at the end of August. My heart constricts a bit as I write that. It goes so fast. I don't know... perhaps I'm looking for distractions from the fact that we're entering this phase, but I've been looking at globes for him. Sort of a big boy, but cool and fun for all of us, acquisition. Everyone needs a globe, right? I've seen a lot of them lately, and I like what I see...You?

Globes from Present and Correct, the always beautiful Solid Frog, Etsy, SF Gate, Bliss, Design Sponge, and lovelydesign on flickr via Pinterest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bunk Bed Inspiration

My child is reaching sleep over age (aaaaak! I will discourage this as long as possible!) I've been noticing a lot of fun bunk beds, though, which might mean I'm warming to the idea of caring for someone else's child for sixteen hours or so... Images from: Eve Robinson Associates, Birch and Lily, Bloesem, My Scandinavian Retreat, and Emma.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

I hope you have a glorious weekend! Wherever you are, I hope you are able to enjoy the great outdoors over the next couple of days...and I'll see you next week. Thank you so much for visiting me here.

A Few Objects I'm Loving

Happy Friday! These have been in my inspiration folder. I thought I'd show them to you...
Elephant mugs for pre-order at Jonathan Adler, weathervane from an auction earlier this month, black globe seen here, wire basket available at Piou's adorable new shop Neest.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello. I've been away...I was back East this past week for some family time. This included a memorial service for my aunt, my father's sister, and a funeral for sweet Yvette, who helped my mother throughout our lives. It was good to be with family -- I do not see them often enough. While photos were mostly inappropriate, there were times when it was fine to capture the beauty...Thankfully, there was also time to visit the shore and sail...Each of these places is part of my history, and quite meaningful to me. I hadn't been to New York in almost ten years, and it was a whirlwind visit, but a lovely one thanks to family (especially my sister who hosted all of us). I'm glad to be home, but hope to go back before too much time passes to spend time with family again, and to show my husband and son these places where I grew up.
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