Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anna Lisa Summitted This!

Illimani from the air, originally uploaded by Alexander Yates.

This is Illimani in the Bolivian Andes. I am so proud of my friend Anna Lisa who summitted this peak the other day. It is 21,125 feet tall! And it is cold down there now! And she's just like one of us - except now she's this big mountain climber (she's trekked in some fantastic places with her Swedish boyfriend of 11 years, Jonas). I am really in awe of her accomplishment. It was her first 6000+ meter peak and she must have felt on top of the world! Yey Lis!!!!

I'm off to Boston in the AM to visit with Dor and Em, and I am very excited to have some sister time. I will miss my guys so much, but I will only be gone until Sunday and I know they will be fine without me, and in the very capable hands of Grandma! Thank you Grandma and Doug.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not Lasting Impressions

We like to make impressions in Playdoh around here. Cars are the stamping tool of choice. Today a man got squished, too. Caution - some of these are so bright, they almost make me want to throw up! Especially when looking at blogs, I am so drawn to soft colors like whites and creams, and lovely calm spaces. Sometimes life is very bright when a 3-year-old is involved.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dusk was nice at our house last night...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful Day

It's become a ritual of mine to hike on the anniversary of Mom's death (she didn't hike... but, for some reason, that's my way of recognizing the day). Each year I take Eddie, but it's tough now because he's too heavy for me to carry in the pack and he just can't go very far on his own. So, this year he and I went on a short hike in the morning and I went alone on another hike at noon. Eddie and I had such a fun nature walk. He decided to take his guide, an art piece he'd done at camp, to see if we could find the creatures he'd stamped on it.

We found many grasshoppers and butterflies (not the others, but that's OK).

We just had a lovely time together.

In the afternoon, I went to Booth Falls on my hike, an hour walk to the North from East Vail. Wow, that's a beautiful hike with such a reward at the end. I tried to get there with Eddie on my back two years ago, but it was too sketchy at the end -- steep and loose and I couldn't take the risk. Well, if I'd gone the right way two years ago, it would have been a piece of cake. I went the wrong way again this year! Silly me. The correct way takes you around to the top of the falls. The way I went takes you to the bottom of the falls (and based on the wear of the trail to the bottom, many do go that way but it's not easy. Actually I just read some of the reviews in my above link and others have definitely done the same thing and don't even know there is an easier way). I was inching along in some places wondering, "How the heck are those octogenarians back there going to do this?!" I'd been up there ten years ago, too, and knew I didn't remember all the scree. Thankfully, I HAD been the right way back then, because I finally realized my mistake and knew if I kept scrambling up the side of the cliff (well practically a cliff) I'd get back to the real trail, which I did. I did not want to go back the way I came in. The bottom of the falls are spectacular, though, so it was well worth the fear!

The last picture is looking down from the top (Doug was not so happy when he saw this pic and how close I was to the edge) - so pretty. Have a great night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today is August 21st and mom died five years ago today. I wanted to do something for all of my sisters and my dad to remember her on this anniversary. I don't have all the pictures of her that my family remembers so well, but I went through those I do have and found some fun ones that show Mom happy and definitely being herself. I also found some articles in the New York Times archives that record special occasions in her younger life. She was so beautiful and so smart and I miss her so much. I can't believe it has been five years that she's been gone. You can click on each picture to enlarge it or to read the articles' words.

Tuxedo Park Debutante Party.

I love this picture for Petie's party and I've never seen it before. (I've never actually tried to spell petie...is that right??)

Engaged to Dad... such a pretty picture.

Wedding announcement. I love this picture so much.

A copy of the debutante picture (the one we all know).

In Florida?

This is in an autobiography (hahaha) I had to write in 8th grade for Sacred Heart, so this pic is Summer of 1976.

Notice the 2x4 wood in hand?

With Dorry at Dorry's graduation from BU in May 1986.

On St. Kitts (a trip with Dad, Em and me) ...early 1989?

Also on St. Kitts...

Helping Em with her riding coat at her first (also last?) horse show.

At Mark's dad's house before Dorry's wedding.

On Grenada with her three oldest grandchildren and Dad.

The family on Dewees... was this a Thanksgiving or a March trip?

Christmas on Dewees with me and Em.

Another Dewees family vacation..

Summer 2002 at Auntie Di's birthday brunch.

About to be escorted down the aisle at my wedding, May 2003.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yard Camping

We set up camp (thanks Daddy) in the front yard yesterday. We're drumming up excitement for a possible Moab Winnebago trip in October... If we bring the Scooby Doo headlamp, I think our little homebody will agree to go!

This Little Guy

I love the hummingbirds. This little guy sat in our tree for what seemed like forever on Monday afternoon...

So sweet!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vail Farmers Market

Today we visited the Vail Farmers Market, which happens each Sunday during the Summer. It's become quite a big affair -- the parking structure filled up and cars lined the frontage road. The crowd was really big, bigger than we've ever seen on a Vail Summer Sunday, and we had a great day. I have to get the camera thing down... my battery ran out early. But it's not just about documenting it... it's about enjoying it in the moment, which I truly did. Eddie danced to the live music, found a little wiggly cat folk toy he liked (which we bought of course... suckers...only $3 though) and he gobbled up a vanilla with vanilla butter cream frosting cupcake (suckers again). We found some great Colorado peaches and sweet corn from Clark's Farm and zucchino bread from the Avon Bakery and Deli. Grandma and Grandpa also bought peaches (you really can't pass up CO peaches in August - they are so good) and brownie ends, the crusts the baker cuts off to keep all the brownies uniform. So, dinner tonight was fresh, easy and delicious! I also chatted with a local artist, Mark Lemon, and considered buying one of his smaller pieces, but didn't today. I did pick up his card and checked out his web site - I like his work. It reminds me of the California Impressionists we saw in Laguna Beach last year. Hmmmmm. We'll have to think about it...

This image tells you how Eddie really feels about having his picture taken! Have a great night!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Eddie and I had our own Olympics tonight while we watched the women's marathon...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Grandma arrived today!!!! She's here for a month and we are very excited. She is staying at Beaver Creek Landing in her own 2-bedroom condominium, which we visited this evening. It seems nicely furnished and comfortable. I hope she is happy there. Her friend Jan will visit this week, then Kristin comes in the following week. Of course, Eddie and Grandma will spend a lot of good time together.

A couple of weeks ago, Eddie and Daddy made a parking lot out back. Here are some photos of the finished product, which I thought looked terrific...

Have a great night!
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