Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend and Minka

I hope you have a happy weekend. If you have fifteen minutes, Minka is just a beautiful film about John Roderick's and Yoshihiro Takishita's traditional Japanese farmhouse. I plan to buy Roderick's 2007 book Minka, My Farmhouse in Japan too.Thanks so much for visiting me this week. Go outside this weekend!

Images are screenshots from Minka.
Minka by Birdling Films on Vimeo. Thanks to Janis's Pinecone Camp for recommending both the film and the book.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm feeling the strong urge to be in Paris, in couture pink (quite apparently) today (ha! I'm just reading that over and it sounds so incredibly pretentious! Well, why not?-we never get citified here, so I can dream once in a while!) ...Cafe at Angelina from the always lovely Little Brown Pen; No. 5; delicate cherry blossoms in the Chanel and Japan Haute Couture Show; wondering who will have this vintage Hermes rose Birkin; Chanel S/S 2012 ready-to-wear; and A&B Kasha found the sweetest pink Fiat, parked on rue Paul-Louis Courier.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend. Today I'm honored to be over at Monika's beautiful Splendid Willow offering my 2 cents on a room I love. I hope you head on over there to see what each of us has to say. Thanks so much for including me, Mon!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wright Modern Design

Friday! And March is two-thirds done. How did this happen?! It even feels like spring here, which usually does not happen until June. Seriously.
In one week, Wright holds its Modern Design Auction and there are so many great pieces. I could have put fifty of them here, but you can go look yourself. Today, these are my faves... Have a great day and weekend if I don't get back here. Thank you so much for visiting me this week!
Goodies: 1. a Pedro Friedeberg hands and feet table; 2. a pair of Angelo Lelli table lamps; 3. a pair of Franco Albini Tre Pezzi lounge chairs; 4. and 5. two collections of trays by Guido Gambone; 6. a Virginia Hamill teaset; 7. a Marianne Brandt Touch table lamp; 8. a set of eight Norman Cherner chairs (I think I'll always love a Cherner); 9. a Lurelle Guild coffee set; 10. a Moroccan carpet; 11. a pair of Walter Lamb Sleigh chairs; and 12. a Bruce Goff door from the Bavinger House.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Love these...
Wyeth always does such great photography for their 1st Dibs stuff. Makes these already desirable piggies that much more so. So much fun.
Available (for a pretty penny I'd guess) here.

More Mogensen

Hello! Following Monday's post, here are a few more of Børge Mogensen’s home. These were scanned by Anna of Door Sixteen from Magnus Englund’s Scandinavian Living...I'm in love with the furniture (especially the 2213 sofa, the Spanish Chairs and the Poul Henningsen lighting), but also with the really personal art, objects and collections. It's a fascination with the story and well-lived life behind each piece. I also covet that rug in the fireplace photo. Definitely love that.
And finally, a few very recent photos from OEO, who will work with Mogensen's sons on "revitalising some of [Mogensen's] great old designs over the next years for the design brand STELLAR WORKS."I'd like to know the story behind the doll, above. Below are the first two Spanish Chairs ever made...I hope your Wednesday's going well!
photos: top group from Door Sixteen from Scandinavian Living, photos by Andrew Wood. Bottom group from OEO.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mogensen

Hi and happy Monday. I always feel so lucky when I get a glimpse into a designer's or artist's own home. Bo Bedre recently showed us the home of Danish designer Børge Mogensen, kept by his family as it has been since his death in 1972.Filled with his own furniture (many are early prototypes), pieces by other contemporaries of his like Kaare Klint and Poul Henningsen, and a great art and sculpture collection, it really is a very beautiful, personal, exciting, well-loved, "un"designed home. It will be sold (or recently has been - I think Bo Bedre's article is from Dec. '11) by his children because their mother and Børge's widow Alice Mogensen has recently died. Thankfully there are these photos, taken by Børge's nephew Mads Mogensen. There are other lovely photos out there too that I will post during the week.
From Bo Bedre, found thanks to Patricia Arquette's Beach Bungalow 8.
All photos by Mads Mogensen.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy Saturday all. It's been a beautiful, sunny, busy week here, so not much blogging. Random, but I've been thinking a lot about Alexander Calder this week. Probably because Joel pinned a photo of his home, and because our friend commented on the fish Eddie made last summer. So, I've been browsing the Calder Foundation site. I love these archival photos of him and his work...Have a great weekend!
All photos copyright Calder Foundation. 1. Feminite c. 1930, photograph by Marc Vaux; 2. Calder with Josephine Baker c. 1928; 3. Josephine Baker 1926, photograph by Peter A. Juley; 4. Praying Mantis 1936; 5. Calder in his Paris studio, 14 rue de la Colonie, fall 1931, photograph by Marc Vaux; 6. Calder with Steel Fish, Roxbury, 1934, photograph by James Thrall Soby.
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