Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Views

There was a marvelous purple light out our back door last night...and we enjoyed lovely views on our snowshoe yesterday...It has been a rough week in our valley. A young boy, a student in Eddie's small school, died in an avalanche while he skied at Vail last Sunday. My heart aches for his family. Our community feels the loss deeply and over 1000 people attended the service to celebrate his happy life Friday. We go on, reminded to live life as fully as this boy did. And we hug our little often as we can!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Snow?

Happy weekend to you. We've just been out skiing. We're expecting big snow this afternoon and we really hope it comes!I hope you get outside this weekend wherever you are. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

600th Post: Ode to Cookie

Happy Tuesday! Are posts like birthdays? When we reach the higher milestones, maybe we should quietly let them pass? I'm not really sure, but the other week I realized I was coming close to the 600th post and I felt... pressure! Hmmm, that may be one reason for the light posts lately. 600 is a lot of time on the blog, but I decided not to let this one pass unnoticed and I decided to honor Cookie Magazine for my 600th. It's the first place I learned about blogs, probably in about February of 2007. I still have almost all my Cookies (there's a joke in there somewhere) as you can see, and in an issue right around Feb. '07, Cookie mentioned Ohdeedoh (which, btw, just recently seems to have lost it's identity and is now AT family). I remember walking to the computer with magazine in hand to see what they were talking about. That started my love affair with design blogs. I started my own little blog about 18 months later, hoping for some creative outlet. And here I am...still. Amazing.
Of course, Cookie no longer exists, having published it's last issue sometime in '09. But it's first issue, in December '05, was a big eye opener for me. This home below for example: I vividly remember loving it and wanting to be the woman who lived in it (Donna Gorman). I loved the architecture, her furniture, the colors, textures, her life -- all of it...
I made note to try to make our spaces this clutter-free, bright and full of good design, even with a child. She has an Akari in the living room corner for goodness sake! If she could do it, I could!
Also in that first issue was this guide to the modern nursery, and I thought why didn't they have this a year ago when we were putting together Eddie's?!...and finally (also in that first Dec. '05 issue) was Cookie's first travel section. I was transported. Here were beautiful photographs of exotic, good destinations to take children. This one is Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico, and who wouldn't want to be that mom in that bed?!...and there were so many other beautiful spots over the years - I've saved them all for reference. A lovely hotel with gorgeous down comforters in Austria...Jakes in Jamaica... blueberries in Buck's Harbor, Maine...I think when I went to Ohdeedoh that first time, I was just looking for more of the good stuff because once a month was just not cutting it, and I still love these features that made me look for more.
This girl reminded me so much of me and my sisters growing up..,This room was hugely inspiring for it's un-matchiness and individuality...
I remember loving the boy's chair...and spotting the phone (below) we had as children. Thanks to all my blog reading, now I notice the Moroccan rug, the sideboard and that sweet sheep too..Well, I'm really happy to be here still, and so thankful that a few of you visit me. Of course since I first visited Ohdeedoh thanks to Cookie, I've found many, many more blogs that have resonated even more with me than it has, and the world is different for me now! I can't believe how much inspiration is out there and I am awed and often overwhelmed by it all. Thanks for being there. Thanks for inspiring me. And thanks very much for stopping here.

photos of Cookie by me, except Palmilla, found at Abode Love.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well that week pretty much flew by. Goodness. I hope it was happy for you. I'm ready to take a seat - this one would be perfect, thanks!I think I'll be back over the weekend since posts were so light this week. See you soon!

pretty photo via the lovely nestegg.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Snowshoe and Mountain Lion Tracks

Happy new week! Yesterday, after some snow finally fell on Saturday, we snowshoed on a beautiful trail not far from home. We were the first humans on the trail since the new snow had come down, but not the first animals. We saw numerous little tracks, and the ramblings of one very big something, who we fell quite sure was a mountain lion. You can see the tracks under the tree in the foreground of the first photo, and the second photo is a close up. See how big?! I was so excited! We did not feel in danger - for some reason we felt sure he'd been there before dawn. Also, Eddie was not with us. Perhaps we would have turned around if we were protecting our son. After a 1/2 mile or so, his tracks left the trail and we continued on...I do love being out in nature. I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful Friday

It's Friday! That was pretty fast. Honestly, where'd it go??
I had lots of fun browsing this week. I want to share a few I liked, such beautiful images and pretty things from my searches... I hope your weekend is so happy. Thanks very much for visiting me here this first week of the new year!
Photos: 1 from åpent hus, 2 (my favorite) from the very fun and lovely Punkin's Patch, 3 and 4 from Leslie Hindman (4 is a relief print with chine colle by Donald Baechler), 5 from Gramercy., and 6 via Pinterest from K.I.D Collective.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Makes Me Happy

This made me happy three years ago (see??), and it still does...I love these Stig Lindberg horses. Happy Thursday to you!
This one found at chez camille.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In Between House

Tucked amid the larch trees in the mountains of Japan...sits the In Between House, winner of The World's Best Villa at The World Architecture Festival last November. I like it's fresh cozy wood interior, but mostly I like how it peaks out at us from it's lush surroundings in that first photo. And I could look at the view from that last seat, with my feet on that ottoman, forever.
via ShareDesign. Architects: Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates. Photographs by Iwan Baan.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Walk

Happy Tuesday to you. New Year's day we took a lovely, refreshing walk along the river... so I'm off to a good start with the resolutions!
Eddie's wearing his new Xob hat from Santa. He loves it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

So Beautiful

It's a beautiful, beautiful first Monday of the year here in the Colorado mountains. Bright sunshine, crisp air, clear blue sky. We just need snow! It's crazy - most years we've had feet over feet of it by now. I don't mind, really, but it is not good for the ski mountain at all. Come on, snow! I love snow. I love being out in the snow. I love the muffled quiet it brings when it's falling thickly. I love living where snow is good and welcomed. So, in the absence of snow outside my window, I'm gazing longingly at these superb homes photographed in their serene, snowy surroundings...Do you like snow? Happy New Year again! I feel ready for a good one.
Photos: 1. Avanto Architects, 2. Olson Kundig Architects, 3 and 4. Olson Kundig, also posted about here, 5. William O'Brien Jr., 6. AABE via Remodelista, 7. Form and Forest, and 8. John Pawson via Remodelista.
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