Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Little Break...

Hello to you! I've made a little decision here. Lately, I've been feeling a lot like Picasso's cubed woman you see here... A bit disjointed, I'd say. Too much going on for me. I need to be more together, calm, organized, present, focused. I'm aiming for the feeling I get when I look at these images...So, my lovely friends, I've realized that I need to take a little break from my blog baby. I will be visiting all of you, finding so much inspiration, keeping up on your news, and loving your creativity. And I think I will be back, probably after the new year (which will be here before we know it... really). And maybe I'll pop in a few times before then, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting me here. I have so loved and appreciated all of your support!

Images: 1. Pablo Picasso, Femme Ecoudee au Drapeau from Pablo Picasso's Birthday Auction, 2. Verne at OWI, 3., 5. and 7. via Remodelista, 4. via beautiful Lori of Automatism, 6. via the amazing Emma.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Thank you for your kind comments this week. I really enjoy receiving and reading them. Today, I'll leave you with these Ottoman pieces... that I can't tell you much about! I believe the auction site is in Turkish. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Modern Miniatures

Happy Thursday, everyone! This past week, I collected the above images while browsing blogland. Miniatures have always intrigued me -- the furniture, the accessories and the spaces that house them. I wondered what was out there...I've seen this Villa Sibi doll house before, and I love it (and want it) as a pure piece of art. Hoping to see more like this, I poked around a bit. I delved further into the modern miniatures people are creating, and I was floored!! Please look with me...
First is the work of Paris Renfroe of PRD Design...These are PRD's M112 Pods, 1:12 scale models of shipping containers, which have been outfitted (as is currently being done with life-sized containers) for very small, very cool human habitation. Renfroe's fantastic pods and his miniature (and life-sized) furniture are for purchase here.
Next is the work of Lena Dragon of Dragon Dee. She is an industrial designer, creating miniatures as a hobby...I am awed by the beautiful, intricate detail in these pieces of furniture! Dragon Dee's current pieces are for sale in her Etsy shop.
I am also charmed by the work of Doris Nathanson of Mini Modernistas, who creates furniture and accessories, like lighting...and this miniature Eames-like wall rack, currently for sale here on Ebay.
Below are the photos of two miniature interior designers. These inspired women are doll house and miniature collectors, whose work incorporates some of the pieces we've seen above. I love their creations and how they've photographed them. First, we have Petite Nouveau, who is currently working on a Kaleidoscope House. It's hard to believe these are 1:12 scale. I love this close up of the dining table with its tray centerpiece and the sofa and telescope behind. The bedroom is lovely, especially the dresser, magazine rack and the texture on the bedspread.
And finally, we see the work of Call of the Small, a mother of three and miniature enthusiast in New Jersey...Look at that tweedy chair with the books! Aren't these rooms amazing, and fun? I can see how one becomes passionate about creating spaces as beautiful as these. Many thanks to the artists who make the pieces, and to those who enjoy collecting them, for sharing their work with us through their blogs and websites. I think you rock!

Top images clockwise from top left: Dezeen, Mimimouse via Une Envie de Sel, rubbad on flickr, Tyin Tegnestue via SNYdesign.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We're all a little under the weather, but we did enjoy some fall weekend fun... We loved our easy Saturday afternoon at the Pumpkin Fest (here, on the horse-drawn wagon) and then at the Eagle River Preserve. Today's outing was to Starbucks. And that was the extent of our weekend! Except that we watched some baseball. Lazy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Prettiness for Friday

Some images from this week's browsing. Have a beautiful Friday and weekend!
images from Truck Furniture, Sotheby's Fine 20th Century Design Auction, Lisa Cohen via Delight by Design.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Question About Benches...

My sister asked me, "Have you seen any nice clean benches for a hallway? Simple contemporary lines, not too deep?" Hmmmmm..... a challenge. I've been searching, and I've found a few that may fit the bill. So, would you like to take a look?...Oh! I must show you this first one... Ingrid Donat's high caryatide bench. It is very probably my favorite piece of furniture of all time. I remembered seeing it a few years ago in one of my magazines, so I searched and found the article on line at Metropolitan Home. This woman creates such incredibly lovely, sculptural pieces. Each one is a work of art, made in small, limited editions. You can contact her via her website to inquire about this or any of her work. Wow, I do love this bench! One day... one day. OK, on we go...
The two above are BDDW's. The amazing BDDW. Love. And I love these benches. Simple...check, contemporary...check, not too deep...check! For each of these, you can choose from a few wood species and finishes. The Simple bench on the left can be ordered in a custom size, and there are a two leather choices. For the September bench on the right, you can provide your own material or leather. (oh, and there's more BDDW later...)The next two, the Sutto and the Oak SR, are by Truck Furniture. I think these, too, are beautiful. Truck is a Japanese company, so I'm not sure if they ship to the US or have distributors here. But, their website is so inspirational - do go look.Above is Shimna's Pawnee media console, which would make a totally cool bench. It's sleek, modern, and has space to hold front hall stuff (shoes, hats, mittens, leashes, flashlights). Nice... and colorful, if you like! It's available here.This one above is made in Belgium with iron and reclaimed antique teak (or oak). Custom sizing is available. And - bonus!- it is sold in a real (as in physical location) shop not far from my sister. This one might work, too. The solid sides are a little different, and may be her style. (I've decided that white-washed brick or stone walls must be necessary for successful bench photography.) It is the MASH studios LAX Bench. Design Public sells it here. And BDDW offers the similar...Axel Bench, which they'll make to your length, with several wood and finish choices available.
OK, below are seven more possibilities and another, clearer look at the Pawnee (#3)(because it is pretty cool) ...
We have: 1. Marina Bench in mahogany from Bungalow 5, 2. Terrain Cady Bench in oak from ABC Home, 3. Shimna's Pawnee Media Console at Burke Decor, 4. the always appreciated Florence Knoll three-seat bench from Hive Modern (see their other benches here), 5. Hilary Bench by Oly, 6. Jonathan Adler's Bergman Bench, 7. Cortland Bench by Williams-Sonoma, and 8. Oly's Jonathan Bench. Please note that there are many fabric/leather choices available for 5, 6, 7, and 8!
If any of you have others to fit the bill, please let me know in the comments section (perhaps some more economical options, too??)
Wow... and some people do this every day?? I'm so hopeful that my sister finds inspiration in these. We shall see!

ps.... If she goes for the Ingrid Donat, I'm buying a ticket on the next flight to see it in person!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corner View:: Souvenirs

This week's corner view theme is typical souvenirs from your city. I did not snap photos at the local shops, but here are the typical local souvenirs we have in our home...The book is quite lovely, really, with many snowy scenes and healthy, outdoorsy, stylish ski folk pictured. The others are silly little things: the photo is of my sister and me skiing Vail; the mug shows Eddie in his first ski lesson ever (he's skiing through the "car wash"); the Birds of Prey is the run on which they hold World Cup men's downhill races; the sheriff's badge is from our little local rodeo; and I bought the sweatshirt at the World Championships, which were held here in 1999.
Enjoy seeing all of this week's corner views here:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


you just want to look at jewels...all...day...long.

Jewelry from Sotheby's upcoming Auction of Important Jewels.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off Road

We drove off the road today, at my suggestion! We went once last year about this time, and I honestly liked it because of the views and how far out there you go. Today was just as much fun...
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