Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mountain Living Home of the Year

Hi? Wow, I've been gone a long time. I've missed my blog and blog friends. I hope you've been well. As Winter settles in here in the mountains, I hope I'm back more frequently. Fall was just so lovely; I spent it outside.
This fab home in Big Sky, Montana is a beautiful example of the way mountain home design has evolved in the past few years and I love it...The decor is clean, modern and really fun with so many custom pieces and fantastic textures throughout. It's completely sophisticated, while retaining all the natural elements --rough hewn beams, reclaimed lumber, chinking, stone, leather, and metals-- that evoke the West and are warm, cozy and solid when you come in from the raging snow. And I love its low, unassuming exterior profile: not overly showy at all. This home was pointed out to me by a friend whose cousin built it. You can see more of it in Mountain Living.
Architect: Kirk Michels of KMA, Inc.
Contractor/Designer: Todd Thesing and Rob McCrae of Highline Partners
Interior designer: Lisa Kanning of Worth Interiors
photos by Gibeon Photography for Mountain Living.


TheDaintyDish.tumblr.com said...

I love the dining room table. The long bench mixed with the chairs looks really great. It make the room feel less stuffy and more relaxed, but also rich due to the textures of the fabric on the seating options.

I really love Mountain Living… Coastal Living is also great, too…. and Southern Living is always fantastic. A magazine for each of my dream homes: winter escape, summer rental, and spring retreat. Perfect!

:: sutton ::

Victoria said...

Love this home. So many elements I have in my house (but on a much smaller scale!!!). The skins, leather, furs, wood. Beautiful fabrics and light. Its perfect.

Sara said...

WOW! That last pic with the trees, thats amazing!!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

HEy Liza, how nice to see you back! Glad to hear you were enjoying your fall. These photos are great, what a beautiful house, both rustic & elegant at the same time.

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