Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope your Halloween weekend is full of silly, dressed-up fun! I really love this little guy. He belongs to Linnea, whose dad made him when she was young. I confess I have a design crush on her (posted about Linnea and Uusi here and here).
Linnea's Bolts Man found on Gibber-ish.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mountain Living Home of the Year

Hi? Wow, I've been gone a long time. I've missed my blog and blog friends. I hope you've been well. As Winter settles in here in the mountains, I hope I'm back more frequently. Fall was just so lovely; I spent it outside.
This fab home in Big Sky, Montana is a beautiful example of the way mountain home design has evolved in the past few years and I love it...The decor is clean, modern and really fun with so many custom pieces and fantastic textures throughout. It's completely sophisticated, while retaining all the natural elements --rough hewn beams, reclaimed lumber, chinking, stone, leather, and metals-- that evoke the West and are warm, cozy and solid when you come in from the raging snow. And I love its low, unassuming exterior profile: not overly showy at all. This home was pointed out to me by a friend whose cousin built it. You can see more of it in Mountain Living.
Architect: Kirk Michels of KMA, Inc.
Contractor/Designer: Todd Thesing and Rob McCrae of Highline Partners
Interior designer: Lisa Kanning of Worth Interiors
photos by Gibeon Photography for Mountain Living.
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