Friday, January 16, 2009


Mrs. French is looking for sofas. I have been home and a bit under the weather... so I found a few that I thought were pretty, are made by reputable makers, and are probably available in Portland (at Parker Furniture or Mitchell Gold) except for those from Room and Board and Lost City Arts. You can click on the links below the sets, which will take you to my boards and their links to the makers, details, etc. (not much pricing, though). Most of these can be upholstered with C.O.M.!
Sofa Ideas 1
Sofa Ideas 2

Sofa Ideas 3


Susan said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Sofas here…..

nichole said...

Those are lovely! Maybe I will hire you to find me a sofa when we get back (part of the purge). :)

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