Thursday, October 1, 2009

Products with Style

My sister sent me a link to this great website, Products with Style. Thanks, sister! I browsed, and found so many functional, attractive things. I love this Otto Wooden Fan. Most fans are so clunky or plastic, but this one is designed by a Swiss artist using African sapele wood. Wow. And, "Otto is whisper quiet even as he kicks up a gale..."
Products with Style offers many very practical goods (fans, cleaning products, socks, humidifiers) all with two things in common: they are useful and they have good design ...My favorites are, well, all of these. But I love the fan, of course. And the phantom bread basket... I am currently using a paper bag to serve bread. I could be using one of my pretty tea towels, or a cloth napkin that matches the table napkins! And I've never seen a more stylish, more minimalist humidifier than Oskar (the white cube). Humidifiers are absolutely essential here in the dry mountains, but they're usually not attractive. This one is both good-looking and functional. The Menu Black Contour Thermo Jug is also quite nice -- both casual and elegant at the same time.
Find all of these and so much more here.
clockwise from top left: Catamount Borosilicate Glass Sun Tea Maker, Phantom Bread Basket, Black Contour Thermo Jug, Fred Humidifier, Loopa Gyro Bowl for toddlers, Soulmate Socks, Oskar Humidifier, Micropod SE Dock Pack. All from Products with Style.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Love the fan. Anything made of wood is a-ok in my eyes. And, the design reminds me a little of the Muffin fan that my grandfather invented in the '60s.

jane said...

you are a girl after my own heart. thanks fro the link!

nonie.reich said...

After seeing them beautifully arranged on your page, I may have to pick up a pair of those socks! And I really need to check out the other beautiful blogs on your link! Kudos. Such lovely artistry out there. xxxoooNonie

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