Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christie Ginnani Exhibit

I love the work of Steamboat Springs artist Christie Ginanni. And I'm so happy to report that Christie is currently exhibiting her newest prints and mixed-media paintings..."A Snug Place in which to Rest" is open through February in Steamboat Springs. I will try to get there to see these in person. They are gorgeous, feminine, and full of nature. Christie writes about her art, "My work mimics my vital connection with the environment and my interactions with its creatures. It consists of layers of collected memories, experiences, and associations; where a focus is often placed on growth, domesticity, and coincidence..." To learn more about Christie and see more of her work, visit her website. To learn more about the show, visit The Steamboat Springs Art Council or Facebook. Thank you, Christie. I hope to come!

All images from Christie Ginanni


dotblogg said...

aww..These pictures are great. They remind me of Kavka's technique -check out here

She's stunning! imho ;)

I'd love to paint like this..:)
have a beautiful day!

*Tasiaa said...

I like these images.
The colours are so light.
They give a sense of spring!


Solid Frog said...

Hi Liza, lovely post. Happy weekend!

nonie.reich said...

We need a snow update for the virtual skiers! I saw the mountain webcam and wondered if Eddie skied on this beautiful day out there!

Cez said...

so great!!! love the poetic way of her prints!!!!
have a sweet weekend Lisa!!!! xoxo

liza said...

Nonie - The snow is amazing! 40 new inches this week. Yes we skied this afternoon. It was a beautiful day.

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