Monday, February 7, 2011

New Follow Monday

Happy Monday! We've had a busy, fun birthday weekend around here. I hope your weekend was good, too.
This past week, I started following two blogs. Neither is new, but I'd forgotten about one and have only recently discovered the other. I'm very happy to be following both. The first is Beach Bungalow 8, interior designer Megan Arquette's blog...I like her humor, her straight-forward writing style and the widely diverse inspiration...Also, she papers her walls and paints her floors all by herself...
which I find completely impressive. And, I live in a land-locked state, so a little virtual trip to the beach each day is quite welcome. Happy to be following Beach Bungalow 8!
The next new follow this week is The Life of Polarn Per, the blog of an art director in Stockholm. It's a wonderfully masculine place, with random collections of images that inspire Polarn Per. Here are some from recent posts that piqued my interest...I'm really enjoying his male perspective. Go take a peak. I hope you enjoy it, too.
I hope you have a great week! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Or that my little guy is six. Wow.


Victoria said...

I know Beach Bungalow 8 - a great mix of everything, and very inspiring. And I shall definitely be visiting The Life of Polarn Per - the images look great. Thanks for the tip.

dotblogg said...

aww..I love the painting in blue watercolors!It's beautiful..:) And the working space with a huge window in Polarn Per's pictures..:)I hope someday I'll have my own creative room-only for myself;)
have a nice week!

Cez said...

Great choice!!! interiors are beautiful...the car too!!!!!
Didn't you speak about birthday weekend pictures??? LOL
Have a nice week Liza!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Polarn Per images! Really warm and inviting.

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