Friday, August 3, 2012

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I'm a bit wrapped up in the Olympics! It's causing a general lack of... well, anything else, really. Is that happening to you too?
I do hope you're enjoying the games. Happy weekend to you!

Poster by Andrew Maunders on Behance.


Melissa Blake said...

The gymnastics is my favorite event!! xoxo

Raina Cox said...

Even though I know the winners by midday, I stay up into the wee hours watching just how it all played out.

Happy weekend to you!

Solid Frog said...

Yes it does, TV is on non stop :)
I love the poster!

Hope you're fine.

Victoria said...

Yep, the tv goes on at every opportunity so we can catch up with all the latest medals. So proud to be British and see Team GB doing so well and hosting a fab event.

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