Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jackson Hole, WY

Hi there. Our summer is almost over and I'm having trouble with that! The first snow will likely fly one month from now. Truly. Not kidding. Summer is just not long enough, but we've certainly packed a lot in to make it a really good one. A marvelous recent highlight was our jaunt last week to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wow.
We joined my sister's family, visiting with friends who live in Jackson part-time. What a fun trip we had! Our hosts were so welcoming and generous, and their home was truly beautiful and comfortable. We hiked, kayaked down the Snake River, rode horses, ate and drank well, viewed all sorts of wildlife, and celebrated a birthday!
The magnificent owl is a Great Gray, and then there's a beaver and some buffaloes. We also saw a moose, elk, a bald eagle, and a coyote. We had a ball and we're very thankful! I'll be back to more regular posting once school starts next week, but for now, we're eking out everything we can from these last days! Thank you for visiting!


meine Dinge + Franka said...

Must have been a really wonderful trip!

Your images are great!

♥ Franka

liza said...

Franka, it was! Thank you for your comment!

Mehul said...

Wyoming is WoW. Snake river is the best of it. Nice pictures Liza.
~ Mehul
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