Friday, November 14, 2008

Twin Time

My twin sister and my brother-in-law visited us this past week. I picked them up in Denver on Saturday and showed them our Denver place. We stopped in Idaho Springs on the way up the mountain, and then had a quiet dinner at home... mostly talking about hope. On Sunday, we had the best visit to Woody Creek, as Mark loved Hunter S. Thompson, and then on to Aspen. Monday we tootled around here, then Tuesday drove to Denver for dinner and Madonna's (ahhh!) concert (can't remember the last time I did that). Grandma and Grandpa took Eddie to Build a Bear -- our new friend is pretty cute -- and to their hotel for the night...THANK YOU! We had to let Dor and Mark go back home Wednesday. Sigh. I miss them.
above pics at the Woody Creek Tavern.

Aspen pics.

BAD phone photo at concert.
She does a rockin' version of Borderline - sounds better in person!

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