Tuesday, August 18, 2009

By now you must know that Atlanta Bartlett has opened an online shop, Pale and Interesting (because I am usually the last to know). This woman has a knack for styling, and for finding beautiful things to sell. Beautiful. Shown here are what I'd like, please. Especially the necklaces. OMG! (and I really try never to say OMG, especially just the acronym/texting/facebook/tweet version but I had to here) What is so special, besides the fact that they are AMAZING, is that she's made them herself out of vintage pieces. Each is one-of-a-kind. all images from Pale and Interesting


Anonymous said...

1. you are not the last to know, i am! for sure.
2. because i am behind on everything, i am soaking up all these wonderful posts of yours lately--i really like how each one has its own color scheme--whether or not that was intentional.
3. thank you, thank you for all your encouraging words and support. i have not had the chance to tell my internet friends that enough, and i am really grateful to have found you.

megan said...

i want to buy everything in these photos!

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