Thursday, August 20, 2009

G.s Gorgeous Giveaway

Oh my! Another of my favorite creators, Gillian of the beautiful blog Ticklish From A Distance and owner of Dewdrop Inc. -- a web-shop for stationery, her own leather albums and other oh-so-pretty items -- is hosting a giveaway over at her place!
Do not miss this one, because she will be giving away a truly special graphite (as in beautiful, useful writing implement) sculpture to one commenter. Here is what g. writes about these pieces of art:

Batle Graphite Sculptures are the artistic creation of San Francisco artist Agelio Batle who creates sculptured " pencils" from a graphite composition. These unique Batle graphite sculptures are functional writing utensils and elegant desk top sculptures. Each surface of the sculpture can be used as a pencil. The composition of each sculpture however will not mark your hands. And each piece is completely lead free and one of a kind. They last for years.

So, you must head over to Ticklish From a Distance to visit my e-friend, to congratulate her on her 100th post, and to enter her giveaway. You will be so glad you did. G. inspires me every day with her thoughtful, real posts, and with her sweet comments here at my place. I am so happy to have e-met her, and if you haven't yet, you must go visit her!
ps... I just want to show you how beautiful her leather albums are, too...all photos by g.

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ticklishfromadistance said...

You are so, so sweet! I hope your vacation is grand!!!!

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