Thursday, January 7, 2010

DeClutter Day 01-2010

Next Wednesday is our first declutter day of 2010. Is it crazy to say I am so excited?!! Do you remember last year's declutter days (reminders here and here)? My husband the saint-- and the tidy one in the house-- takes the day off and we plow through all the cr##@@@p. It's the best feeling. In preparation, I'm finding pep-talk photos. Here's my first group (as in I'm not done yet)...Ahhhhhhhh. I feel so calm looking at these. yey yey yey
photos: Domino archives via Lori's beautiful Automatism, BOLIG, beautiful Otis and Frank, and Remodelista.


nonie.reich said...

HI Liz,

I'm glad to see your blog again! I'll send a photo of my de-clutter project. xxooNonie

MODsquad said...

De-clutter has to be one of my top five favorite words!

Have fun!

Pippi said...

Wow... beautiful photos! I have to go home and declutter my house ;)

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