Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday - More Bookcases

It's Friday again... can you believe it? This week went fast! I've been looking for inspiration for our bookshelves lately. I've seen so many I like, I wanted to collect them here in a post...We just did a mini declutter, mostly cleaning up the bookshelves... step one. We' re thrifting books neither of us liked that were still on the shelves. I think I was keeping them just to have books. We don't have that kind of space...and, really, who needs things you don't like in your home. So, step two will be making the shelves look prettier. I think I'm aiming for something like 3 or 7, but I also love #1. I'll go back to my earlier bookcase post, too. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to show you the results!

images: 1. goluza photo on flickr via fun Wabi & Sabi, 2. Roger Davies, 3. Emily Gilbert via beautiful Splendid Willow, 4. Hus & Hem via inspiring Emma, 5. lagerlings via fave desire to inspire (and I just saw their new bookcase post here!), Ditte Isager via the always lovely Automatism.


Cat said...

I love bookcases...they are like organized treasure chests, full of books, mags, photo, nick nacks, personal treasures!

Happy Weekend!

Splendid Willow said...

Beautiful post my friend! I can't live without books and I think they make a home. Just look these rooms! They add so much personality. Love it all.

Happy Friday dear!


Marcela said...

Hi Liza! this post is so nice!

megan said...

there is nothing better than a good bookcase. :) great post, liza! have a wonderful weekend, xo

abby try again said...

Oh man. I love this post.
I seriously could look at photos of bookcases all day long.
Hope you are having a lovely Monday :)

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