Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playroom Design Board

Our little library became the playroom when our son was born. It's been through many transitions and it's going through another one now. It still has the bookcases along the back wall, filled with our books on the top shelves and toys and children's books on the bottom shelves. It has a small table and chairs, and a big, ungainly train table that is now used to hold our (astoundingly large) collection of Legos. This room always looks cluttered and I can't stand it. I think the Lego table has to go. It is almost too low for our son now and it looks like a dump, which it is... for Legos. We need more, attractive storage and a new rug. So, I've put together this...We've had the bookcases, the table and chair, the posters and the soft storage baskets for a while, so I'm incorporating those. I think this looks quite boring and I'm tempted to add some color, but I know what happens to even the nicest of calm, neutral, or white spaces when the reality of a five-year-old with his (or her) stuff moves in...Stuff everywhere...every surface covered! This is not to say I don't love these, but there are belongings to deal with - lots of them. Add a wall of bookshelves... and maybe you can see why I'm staying away from color in furniture or rugs: it's too much for the eyes.
Ahhh, well. In my dreams, our little room looks as adorable as these... I will show you a picture when it's done.
Board resources: bookcases, Argington giza table and chair no longer available, blockbox, posters, storage cubes, Lego storage, flokati, rug, drawer unit, and storage baskets.
Images: Desire to Inspire, Stil via Elmarie on Pinterest, Hop Skip Jump, Slumber Designs, Elmarie, Desire to Inspire, Emma via an earlier post, Ikea.


Menthe Blanche said...

Good luck and waiting for your photos!
à bientôt !

Splendid Willow said...

Happy, happy Liza! Seems that you, like me, want to start the new year more organized!

I agree with you about the more neutral palette. Your books and toys will give you plenty of color.

Can't wait to see the after pictures.

A warm hug. Mon


liza said...

Thank you MB and Monika! I needed some support, as I'm definitely not a pro at this.

Victoria said...

Great inspirational rooms. I would just love my rooms to look like these. We are definitely with the neutral pallet but too much stuff spoils it, so my plan is to sort, declutter and donate these coming weeks. Looking forward to seeing how you get along. Happy 2011 to you and yours.

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