Thursday, April 30, 2009


These lilac blossoms inspired me today...They led me to find other examples of their uplifting (and soothing) color. I feel good when I look at these images below, too...
photos 1. Holly Hecht on flickr 2. Tine K Home 3. Ken Hayden via coco+kelley 4. Jeffers Design Group 5. Domino via coco+kelley 6. The Paris Apartment 7. via Purple Area 8. Mads Mogensen via Desire to Inspire.

Internet Issues

I'm having some connection issues, which are making it difficult to post! Hopefully it's an easy fix and I'll be back to full strength soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving to Sweden?

Hmmm... these lovely apartments in Goteborg and Stockholm look good to me! I've been browsing this site, dreaming about a Scandinavian pied-a-terre. And if I ever sell my home, I hope my broker works this hard for me!
Alvhem found via Purple Area via Desire to Inspire (thank you!)

Nice Ride Today

I rode my bike today. I love riding my bike...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Needing an Escape

We had snow this weekend. AAAAAAAAAAKKKK! Since I'm not actually going to the beach anytime soon, I dreamt with one of my favorite coffee table books. I'd say yes to the Moroccan coast...
or this Mexican hideaway, thank you!
images from Great Escapes, with photos by Simon Upton.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Snowball Rally

This is great fun. I love the cars we're chasing! Good design is everywhere...

Thank you husband for the link!

Friday, April 24, 2009

And More Happiness...

Looking at these makes me happy this weekend! They will be auctioned this Monday at Doyle in New York. What fun it would be to see them in person...1. Andy Warhol 2. Dernieres oeuvres de Matisse, 1950-1954 3. Alexander Calder 4. Joan Miro 5. Joan Miro 6. Joan Miro (with others in a set of prints)

Happy Weekend

I wish you a beautiful weekend, and I hope your week was perfect. I was concentrating on some other things for the past couple of days... I'm so sorry for not being here! I'll leave you with some all-over-the-map, but feel-good (at least for me) art being auctioned this weekend in Warsaw and...
in London...
Artists: 1. Jerzy Nowosielski 2. Jan Opalinski 3. Tadeusz Kantor 4. James Hull 5. David Bomberg 6. Joan Miro

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love the pops of color in these scenes... I think I'll always be a white with pops of color kind of person. (want proof? remember this and this?)photos from The Selby, Hotze Eisma (thank you Lolita and Emma), Apartment Therapy Chicago, Absolutely Beautiful Things, and Marie Claire Maison.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Holly Farrell

This weekend I was catching up on a month's worth of absolutely beautiful things (how true), where I was introduced to the work of Holly Farrell. I was really struck, so... here it is! For those of you not familiar with Ms. Farrell's work, these are paintings. I love the Slippers triptych above (you must see it bigger), and I think my favorite is Tennis Racket. I spent a long time on her website and then found this interview, where I discovered that she is self taught. Wow... Slippers, Tennis Racket, Bowl, Barbie and Ken , and name not known (sold)
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