Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope you'll do something fun. We're off to see my niece in The Nutcracker!
She'll be in this sweet production...We're looking forward to this guy!And I just must finish again with this lovely, whimsical illustration (please forgive me, but I love it!)... Happy December!
The Nutcracker book cover from here (I've been going back to gaze at it for over two and a half years!), production photos from here, nutcracker from here. Illustration by Fukimo Hori.


dotblogg said...

wow! that's sooo sweeet! I hope to see nutcracker one day:)
have a great weekend too!

rebecca said...

how exciting! if it weren't so expensive in ny, i would happily watch the nutcracker every december.

The Zhush said...

How fun, love these illustrations too!

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