Friday, March 9, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!Show the world your colors! And thank you so much for visiting me here this week.
Lovely Peacock by Twoems on etsy.


megan said...

love that print! have a wonderful weekend, liza. xo

C said...

I was just checking this amazing print on etsy and this shop has amazing stuff!!!
Thansk for sharing sweetie and have a lovely weekend!!!!!!

C said...

Hi Sweetie!
No, unfortunately, the (low)boots and bag arent mine but if you check in polyvore for boots you'll find plenty of alternatives.
Like these from APC
As for the bag, just click bowling bag (very similar to the Sofia Coppola one for Louis Vuitton, right?) and there are a hundred also... I personally like the ones in
Have a lovely weekend!!!!!

liza said...

C- you're the best! Thanks!

Raina Cox said...

Good night, woman. You have MARVELOUS taste.

I've just been down the rabbit hole of your FAB FAB FAB blog and am about to go back for more.

Where have you been all my life?!



liza said...

Thanks for making my day, Raina. And you really do crack me up!

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