Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wright Modern Design Auction

On October 7th, Wright will hold it's next Modern Design auction. Wright is an auction house, and retailer of hard-to-find, original pieces, in Chicago. Most of the pieces being offered are the really iconic ones from the famous mid-century designers. Wouldn't I love to live with this bunch below?!!
This George Nelson thin edge bed.

This George Nakashima Conoid cushion chair!

and this George Nakashima cabinet 205.

This George Nelson clock.

This Edward Wormley desk 5735.

These Walter Lamb lounge chairs .

this V'Soske carpet.

This Piet Elling lamp.

and this Vladamir Kagan lounge chair!

1 comment:

Mrs.French said...

oh my goodness! I want it all!!! All of it...I need to sell many more photographs!

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