Saturday, October 4, 2008


In early September, Eddie started going to a local Montessori program three days a week. Though he did go to a Summer program at the same place, which we loved, there were no official Montessori materials. We're really excited that he likes the work he's doing now (he's not playing! he's working... he talks about his work) and that he is developing such a positive association with what he perceives to be work. They have an hour and 45 minute work period in the morning, bookended by two line times. Their work is of their choosing. We're not surprised (though we're relieved and proud) that Eddie's creating a lot of towers, finding hammers and screwdrivers in the practical life area, and finding a v-v-van in the V letter box. He's drawing pictures for us and starting to put some letters down on paper.

His teachers are so loving, and it seems like a good bunch of kids. The rest of the day is filled with the above-mentioned line times where they share and talk as a group. They have show and tell, which follows a theme (letters and continents assigned to each month). They have lunch, play outside every day and have a rest/nap time in the afternoon. I think he's thriving. It's a very calm, supportive, happy environment that suits all of us. Oh, and they do yoga!
As seems to be the case across the board with Montessori programs, parents drop off and pick up their kids outside the building. This encourages the independence of the child. The room is theirs to learn in and take ownership of. So, we are thrilled to get e-mail reports each day of what the children did. And we get frequent pictures. The pictures are amazing for us. We can't believe our child is off in the world doing so many things without us, functioning so independently!!

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