Thursday, October 9, 2008

Auction Finds

Again, I've picked out a few things I like from auctions being held this weekend. These are not high design pieces, but ones that are funky or fun, and that might fit in any number of settings.

The first are from Burley Auction Group's Western estate auction October 11th and 12th. From day 1, Saturday...

this coffee grinder. We grew up with one of these in my parents home. My lucky sister has it now.
And from day 2...
this coffee grinder and

this iced tea dispenser.

From Neal Auction Company's Louisiana Purchase Auction October 11th and 12th ...

this Newcomb Guild "Spindrift Ware" Vase

this cast iron and Walnut work table

this wrought iron campaign chair

this Native American basket
and this bird lithograph. Enjoy!

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