Thursday, October 23, 2008


We've been busy, so something had to give and it was the blog. We visited Moab this past week for an extra-long weekend. Eddie was really excited about camping in a motor home... we'd been talking about it for a couple of months. We think he would have been happy to stay inside it the whole time, but we did get out to experience Arches National Park, slick rock, off roading and hiking. Aside from a few low energy moments of frustration on his part (the 3-year-old turn on a dime from great mood to nothing-will-be-right-ever-again), we had such a good time together.

On the road to Grand Junction to pick up the motor home.Entering Utah!Arches excitement...More at Arches..And Arches again....An oval window beetle in a VW junk yard.Off road trip...More off roading...A stop on Wall Street.Hiking to two arches outside of Moab...The destination.
Heading home. It was a great trip.

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Mrs.French said...

I am so glad you are home! Actually, I am even happier you had such a lovely time. xxoo

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