Friday, March 11, 2011

Photographer Carla Coulson

Today I'm so pleased to feature the work of Carla Coulson. One day, not long ago, I discovered I had a new follower who'd left a kind comment, so I clicked over to her blog and I was floored...As you see, Carla is an exceptionally artistic and accomplished photographer. She is also a kind person who leaves me happy, encouraging little comments on my blog. She is an Australian living in Paris who left the corporate world over a decade ago to follow her passion for photography. She has written and photographed two books, Italian Joy and Paris Tango, and has photographed two books written by Vicki Archer, My French Life and French Essence. The photos above are some of my favorites featured on Carla's blog Carla Loves Photography. They are: 1. from an Ellie Saab show during Paris Fashion Week a few seasons ago, 2. a portrait from Paris Tango, 3. Carla's niece in 2008, 4. the Imperial Suite at The Ritz Carlton Paris from Paris Tango, 5. Vicki Archer's daughter photographed for French Essence, and 6. Venice's St. Marco Basilica from Italian Joy. Carla's intelligence and her love for her work are evident in her blog and her portfolio. If you are still here and not there, I'm not sure why. I hope you are off to take a look.

All photographs are copyright Carla Coulson and are used with her permission.


vicki archer said...

I am of course biased! Wonderful, wonderful photographs.....xv

liza said...

Vicki -thank you so much for visiting and for your comment.

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