Friday, March 18, 2011

Silence: For Japan With Love

Blog Silence.
Donate to the amazing Shelter Box here.
(I know I was supposed to do this yesterday, be completely silent today, but I'm hoping this post helps anyway.)


Splendid Willow said...

For Japan with love.

My husband and I try to help us much as we possibly can.

I am also looking forward to that cherry branch art piece you recommended. I am so glad the photo was actually taken in Japan. I love the country and the people. My heart goes out to the entire nation.

Happy weekend to you, always thoughful Liza.

ox, Mon

tinajo said...

Everything helps - have a great saturday! :-)

Jen said...

Such a perfect post. May our thoughts and prayers continue to be with them!!!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

tinajo said...

Oooh - so he´s part swedish, how fun! I hope you get around to visit Sweden! :-)

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