Thursday, September 18, 2008

Auction Finds

I've found some more goodies, these at various auctions in the next week or so. I was feeling in a silver and blue mood, as you will see. The estimated values of these are all over the map, but why focus on price if I'm not actually trying to go for these! Part of it, for me, is scrolling through so much (there really is a whole world of other people's things out there!) and then something just jumps out of a sea of stuff. These were certainly not the only pieces I like, or would like to have, but they popped out at me. The presentation matters to me -- I appreciate it when the auction house puts up really nice, detailed photos. I bet it helps their internet bidding, too. Here are a few...

From Doyle Auction House's Design Auction on October 10th...

this Arne Jacobsen stainless tableware set from 1967.
It's the Airstream that got me with this group!
I love this pitcher.

And truly love this Julius Shulman photograph.
OK, on to other auctions...
From the Lewis and Maese Fine Arts and Antiques Auction, this elephant sculpture. Besides loving the sculpture itself, I think it's so cool that they've taken photos from every angle! Really fun.

From the Desert West Native American and Western Auction, this Navajo flask. It's so small and delicate. I wonder who carried this.

The lamps and candlestick below are from an auction in Munich, Germany tomorrow, the 19th. I usually don't look at European auctions, but a 20th century lighting one caught my eye, and they have some amazing pieces.

These Poul Henningsen pendant lamps, which are only two of a number of Henningsen lamps, but I liked these best (except for this one).
I love this German daylight lamp from 1910.

and these Geislingen table lamps from 1930.

Looking at this this F. R. Wilm candlestick made in Berlin circa 1928, and the photo of Wilm (see the link), made me think about where these German pieces, now being auctioned in Germany, have been over the course of their lives. They somehow survived WWII, not that everything in Germany was destroyed by any means, but if they could only talk and tell their stories...

These last items are from a private NY collection. Showplace Antique Center will auction this collection on Sept. 21st. I like private collection auctions, in a way, because they almost tell a story. In another way, they can be sad...bygone eras and all. If you have a second, check it out.
This delicate, feminine travel clock.

I love this Cristofle tea pot.

Cool Industrial Age Bouquet telescoping lamp.

Fun wooden artist's model.

Pretty blue in this French enamel and chrome clock.


Teal Chic said...

So many wonderful finds. That elephant is great!

Mrs.French said...

hmmm...i love everything, but I will take the clocks, table lamps and that airstream...thanks so much.

liza said...

Thank you for looking!!!

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