Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Back

I am home. My trip seemed like a whirlwind and so short. My guys are relieved that I'm here, as is Grandma I think, and I am glad to be back. It is always hard to leave my sisters - we had such a good time together. Besides just being with Dor (and Mark) and Em, I loved our Red Sox game at Fenway, a trip to the beach in Rockport, a stop on a whim at my grandmother's old house in Cambridge, and a visit to Mom's gravesite on the last morning, which was beautiful. And Eddie actually talked with me on the phone a few times - astounding! He sounds so grown up on the phone. Then, all of a sudden, "OK. Bye!" and he's off. (I do wish I could do that.)

Eddie officially started Montessori yesterday. I cried. He loves it. It's like the beginning of the rest of his life... very adult, very responsible. Really it's not all that... he's having such fun (and of course I do hope the rest of his life is great fun), but he is just growing up so fast.
And then it also truly feels like Fall here. It's chilly and the days seem short. I hope we have a little Summer left. Maybe a Friday swim at Grandma's pool.

Here are some of my memories from my trip... Fenway ParkAt Dor's home, hydrangea, Mark's garden, sweet 45 and the lovely Eloise (Em's pug)!
Cambridge viewCopley farmers market On the road to the beach...

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