Thursday, September 4, 2008

Auction Goodies

Since Doug had the camera today, I'm posting something a little different. When I have time, I love to look at what the auction houses around the country are putting up for bid. I get an e-mail each week from listing upcoming auctions. Items range from art to furniture to to toys to some true junk. I've bid successfully twice in the past year, so I am certainly no expert on how to get good stuff or good deals! I would only say that if you are interested in bidding on something, do research into what its value really is (google it to see what comes up...a good place to start), ask many questions of the auction house about the condition of the item (and its provenance if this might influence its value). And try to find out the reputation of the auction house.

I found some goodies at two upcoming auctions. Here are a few...
Eddie would LOVE this great steam shovel (so do I). It's at Nadeau's Auction Gallery in Windsor, CT, or via Ebay live auctions.
Or maybe this sweet guy.

Or a vintage juicer.

oooooh...or this fun lot of glass. Look at the silver top bottles!

These beauties below are being auctioned off in Chicago on September 10th...
I can't stop looking at this settee from Leslie Hindman Auctioneers also via Ebay Live Auctions here. Maybe you like the green... I might reupholster in a creamy white, I think!

Lovely, delicate kettle stand also at Leslie Hindman.
or perhaps a tulip stool

And I like the pattern on these vases.

These are just a few items I like to give you an idea of what is out there! Have fun browsing! And have a great night!

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