Monday, September 8, 2008

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

Sotheby's just sent me the e-catalogue for their upcoming important jewels auction in NY. I do not wear much jewelry, but I like to look at really beautiful old jewelry and dream! The estimates for these start at $5,000. Doug asked me today for the link to my blog... won't he love to see this post!!!
I think this brooch is so dramatic.
look at the emarald dripping from this pendant!
funky elephant brooch

I love the two locket/pocket watches!
I think my favorite is this amazing leopard brooch.
Lovely, and dear (as in $$$), diamond butterfly and flower brooch.
This Cartier diamond and seed pearl bracelet circa 1915 is so delicate. I love it. I'll never have it, but I love it!


Mrs.French said...

mmmm....I'll take the whopping emerald please...thanks so much!

liza said...

hahaha...that's the way I feel, too!

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