Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shout Out For Mrs. French!

Holly of Decor8 enlisted us (her readers) to give a shout out to one reader of our own blogs. My little blog is only a couple of months old, but mrs. french -- of the lovely, funny, serene, beautiful bliss blog -- takes time out of her day to send me little notes almost every time I post! Her comments make me smile (or fall over laughing), and she is literally one of the only people who comments. I think she must be the one person to read my blog outside of my family (if they even read it). Many, many of you know of her blog; she posts "I heart" lists and some of her truly inspired photos. She is quite talented and, lucky for us, she is soon to open her own Etsy shop. Thank you for visiting my little blog, mrs. french!


AnneLeilani said...

Hey Liza,

THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed spending an hour reading it all last night and hearing about all the happenings at your house. I LOVED Eddie's playdoh impressions, so much so that I printed out the dayglo VW bug in and 8X10 to hang up in my room. I am so glad that you are doing this and I can get a little glimpse into what I am missing. Anne

Mrs.French said...

liza...you warmed my heart with this...I love coming to your blog..pssst...I opened my shop...consider yourself a VIP guest.

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