Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's my birthday! I feel happy today, even though there have been lots of these. Eddie, of course, is very excited because there will be presents and cake. I bought myself this beautiful photograph from Kitty Rogers to celebrate. I love it. Please go look at her etsy shop and her lovely blog, Penny and Spree.

ps. the best thing about my b-day is that is also the birthday of my very best friend, my beautiful twin. Happy Birthday, Dor!!

Penny and Spree found via the equally captivating Mishy Lane.


kitty said...

Oh my goodness, Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! I am beyond honored that you chose one of my prints to help you celebrate...I wonder if I could fit a few streamers and balloons inside your package?? ;o)

Thank you so much, and I hope you had a fantastic day!


liza said...

This print is already streamers and balloons to me, Kitty! Thank you!

jane said...

happy belated birthday liza!

Ritva said...

happy belated birthday to you, liza!

ps. i looove that photo, would like to have one too!

Anonymous said...

aagghh!!!!! happy LATE birthday! i am so so behind on all my blog reading. and, no surprise, you have no shortage of beautiful things to share--art, the lake (seriously, your photos are amazing!), your adorable son all decked out in his hiking duds. . . i'm just going to go look at it all again :)

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