Monday, September 14, 2009

Sotheby's Auction: From a [Fabulous] Parisian Flat, Avenue Montaigne

I hope your Monday has started well!I received one of my periodic e-mails from Sotheby's the other day. Up for auction are the contents of this Parisian flat! Fascinating. I think it's a magnificent pied-a-terre...
It's filled with so many very personal collections. I wonder why the owner is parting with so much? This is how Sotheby's describes the auction:
"An eclectic collection, resulting from the variety of experiences and influences that the owner has encountered throughout her life. Travelling the world, visiting museums, galleries, monuments, archaeological sites and gardens, her curiosity has always guided her to explore new art forms and collecting fields.
"She decided to set up one of her homes in Paris and over the years has built a collection in the classical setting of her apartment on the Avenue Montaigne. This proved an ideal space to house her expanding photograph collection, as well as furniture, Asian art, silver and decorative arts."
I had a lot of fun browsing the offerings here.
All photos are from Sotheby's e-catalogue.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a collection. So many lovely details!

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