Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anna Lisa Summitted This!

Illimani from the air, originally uploaded by Alexander Yates.

This is Illimani in the Bolivian Andes. I am so proud of my friend Anna Lisa who summitted this peak the other day. It is 21,125 feet tall! And it is cold down there now! And she's just like one of us - except now she's this big mountain climber (she's trekked in some fantastic places with her Swedish boyfriend of 11 years, Jonas). I am really in awe of her accomplishment. It was her first 6000+ meter peak and she must have felt on top of the world! Yey Lis!!!!

I'm off to Boston in the AM to visit with Dor and Em, and I am very excited to have some sister time. I will miss my guys so much, but I will only be gone until Sunday and I know they will be fine without me, and in the very capable hands of Grandma! Thank you Grandma and Doug.

1 comment:

Mrs.French said...

I have never had a mountain climbing friend...nice. have a lovely time with your sisters.

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