Friday, August 8, 2008

Low Pressure Day!

Eddie and I visited with mom Holly, Ben and Evie this morning at their beautiful home in Eagle Ranch. Holly is one of those lovely, accepting people I am always so happy to be with. She is a super mom, with two adorable little ones. She has an easy style and grace that I admire. This was our first time to her newish home and it is very pretty and homey. There are two items in particular I covet: a basket she has on her kitchen counter and a ceramic piece in the powder room...both were wedding gifts for Eric and Holly. I think I will have to go to the Minturn Market again before the Summer is out to find a similar basket. There are three things she's made that I thought were so special. One is a chart for Ben - he earns stars for being good to his sister. The chart itself is a good idea, but it was also put together with such love. The next was a picture book for Father's Day for Holly's husband Eric. She created it on Shutterfly with photos of the family and it came out great. The third was a framed collage of Ben's early art work she's hung in his bedroom. It is colorful and meaningful. I remember how enthusiastically he jumped into the mess of art when he was less than a year old. This was a perfect way to display his creations! We had a really nice time this morning.

It's been cloudy and rainy for a few days here, which is so unusual and is such a treat! We need the moisture badly. Last night we opened the windows wide just to smell the rain. Since I didn't take the camera to Holly's, here are some pictures of our back garden today.

Tomorrow is Doug's Xterra in Beaver Creek. He's worked hard for this and I hope he has a fun time and a fast race. I will try to cheer for him with Eddie, especially at transition area two, when he'll be feeling the pain! Good luck, husband! I hope you do so well!


Holly said...

Liza, do you know that made me cry. It seemed like such a chaotic day with Annika and Alex there too. Thank you for cherishing a low pressure day with us!! We love you and your family. We are lucky to have friends like you. You can join us in Eagle again and agian. Anytime.
Much love to you! Holly

liza said...

Thank you Holly! We miss spending time with you. We'll come back again soon. :) Love, Liza

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