Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful Day

It's become a ritual of mine to hike on the anniversary of Mom's death (she didn't hike... but, for some reason, that's my way of recognizing the day). Each year I take Eddie, but it's tough now because he's too heavy for me to carry in the pack and he just can't go very far on his own. So, this year he and I went on a short hike in the morning and I went alone on another hike at noon. Eddie and I had such a fun nature walk. He decided to take his guide, an art piece he'd done at camp, to see if we could find the creatures he'd stamped on it.

We found many grasshoppers and butterflies (not the others, but that's OK).

We just had a lovely time together.

In the afternoon, I went to Booth Falls on my hike, an hour walk to the North from East Vail. Wow, that's a beautiful hike with such a reward at the end. I tried to get there with Eddie on my back two years ago, but it was too sketchy at the end -- steep and loose and I couldn't take the risk. Well, if I'd gone the right way two years ago, it would have been a piece of cake. I went the wrong way again this year! Silly me. The correct way takes you around to the top of the falls. The way I went takes you to the bottom of the falls (and based on the wear of the trail to the bottom, many do go that way but it's not easy. Actually I just read some of the reviews in my above link and others have definitely done the same thing and don't even know there is an easier way). I was inching along in some places wondering, "How the heck are those octogenarians back there going to do this?!" I'd been up there ten years ago, too, and knew I didn't remember all the scree. Thankfully, I HAD been the right way back then, because I finally realized my mistake and knew if I kept scrambling up the side of the cliff (well practically a cliff) I'd get back to the real trail, which I did. I did not want to go back the way I came in. The bottom of the falls are spectacular, though, so it was well worth the fear!

The last picture is looking down from the top (Doug was not so happy when he saw this pic and how close I was to the edge) - so pretty. Have a great night!

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