Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Recent Etsy Purchases

I've been shopping at a website called Etsy, where independent artists and crafters sell their homemade wares. Here are some of the artists I've bought from and some pictures of their work:

This cow is from Woodmouse Loves Wood. I bought a little gift for a new mom from her. It came beautifully packed in a little organic sack with a few sweet informational cards. Here is Woodmouse's blog.

These polar bears are one of Creative Thursday's creations. Marisa is Creative Thursday and her blog is listed in my blog list to the right of this post.

This print is by Hadley Hutton. Her prints were my first purchases on Etsy and I am very happy with them.

This pillow is by Felted Style. I am really liking felt lately, and applique (though this is embroidered). I bought two similar ones to go in our Denver home on our bed.

I love the Etsy site, but I usually rely on the design blogs I visit to direct me to some good artists, because wading through everything to find nice stuff is just too much. Holly Becker of Decor8 always finds fun things and highlights them in a weekly column, and in a sidebar, on her fantastic design blog. Have a great night!

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