Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today was Doug's XTerra race in Beaver Creek. He did well, and we had so much fun cheering him on. We also loved rooting for Claire, Kerry, Jen, Peter and all the competitors who came by. The race began with a one-mile swim in Nottingham Lake in Avon. This is two laps around the lake. We were able to find Doug when he came around for his first lap, so we yelled really loudly. We screamed some more when he came out of the water smiling after lap two. We ran up to the transition area to watch him peel off his wet suit, put on bike clothes and jump on his bike for the 25K bike ride up to the top of Arrowhead... 3000 vertical feet of climbing before he would descend down into Beaver Creek. He would then switch into running shoes to go out for an 8K run... up another 1000 vertical feet on the trails in Beaver Creek.

After he took off on his bike, Eddie and I packed up shop and drove up to BC to wait. We knew he'd be about 1 hour and 45 minutes on the bike, so we played a round of mini golf while we waited and screamed for the earlier bike finishers. What a fun round of golf! We climbed up the hill just a little way to find a place where we could cheer when Daddy finished the bike, then we could turn around and encourage him at the start of the run. He came speeding down the hill just a little after expected, so we were waiting. We saw him coming and yelled for him!

After Doug left for his run, we tootled over to the General Store in BC for drinks and a special treat because Eddie had been so good and patient. We found marbles, which proved to be perfectly entertaining for the next almost hour while Doug ran. We took them to a shady spot on the rocks about 100 yards before the finish line where we clapped and yelled for everyone who came in until we saw Daddy. When we spotted Doug, we ran up to the skiers' bridge to jump up and down, whoop it up for Daddy and cheer him into the finish.

I think it took Doug just about 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish. I am very proud of him, and I think Eddie is, too. I had a great time cheering for all our friends. It is truly inspiring to watch these fit people giving it their all. Boy, I really want to try to do it next year! So, thanks to all of you for the inspiration and the really fun day! Here are my photos. There are captions below each. Have a great night!

Doug getting ready for the start.

The start.

Doug's first lap.
Rounding the bouy.

Jen out of the water.

Claire out of the water.

Daddy out of the water!

Daddy getting ready for bike.

Doug out on bike!

Eddie getting positioned to cheer Daddy after the bike.

Claire out on the run.

Jen out on the run.

Daddy coming in on the bike.

Go Daddy!

Doug out on the run.

Daddy with 200 yards to go! Go Doug!!

Eddie enjoying the Lego Volvo in Beaver Creek.

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