Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today is August 21st and mom died five years ago today. I wanted to do something for all of my sisters and my dad to remember her on this anniversary. I don't have all the pictures of her that my family remembers so well, but I went through those I do have and found some fun ones that show Mom happy and definitely being herself. I also found some articles in the New York Times archives that record special occasions in her younger life. She was so beautiful and so smart and I miss her so much. I can't believe it has been five years that she's been gone. You can click on each picture to enlarge it or to read the articles' words.

Tuxedo Park Debutante Party.

I love this picture for Petie's party and I've never seen it before. (I've never actually tried to spell that right??)

Engaged to Dad... such a pretty picture.

Wedding announcement. I love this picture so much.

A copy of the debutante picture (the one we all know).

In Florida?

This is in an autobiography (hahaha) I had to write in 8th grade for Sacred Heart, so this pic is Summer of 1976.

Notice the 2x4 wood in hand?

With Dorry at Dorry's graduation from BU in May 1986.

On St. Kitts (a trip with Dad, Em and me) ...early 1989?

Also on St. Kitts...

Helping Em with her riding coat at her first (also last?) horse show.

At Mark's dad's house before Dorry's wedding.

On Grenada with her three oldest grandchildren and Dad.

The family on Dewees... was this a Thanksgiving or a March trip?

Christmas on Dewees with me and Em.

Another Dewees family vacation..

Summer 2002 at Auntie Di's birthday brunch.

About to be escorted down the aisle at my wedding, May 2003.


Mrs.French said...

Such a lovely tribute...your mother looked like an amazing woman.

liza said...

Thank you mrs. french. You are kind. She was complex and fiesty and loyal and never cut a corner ever. I wish I had her integrity and creativity! It was good to connect with my sisters yesterday :).

fine little day said...

I agree, she looked beautiful.

Lucy said...

Just looking through some of your old posts... I love these pictures!

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