Sunday, August 10, 2008

Green Mountain Reservoir

We had such a fun day with friends at their retreat in Heeney on Green Mountain Reservoir. We arrived during a rain storm that lasted an hour or so, so we played games, chatted, drank tea and had fun indoors. Then, as the sun came out, we had very yummy New Jersey sloppy joes and fruit outdoors at the picnic table.

After lunch we climbed into the speed boat for some water fun. Michele began by water skiing, followed by Sarah. Michele also did some great wake surfing behind the boat. Doug gave it a try, too, and was excellent, though he didn't feel comfortable enough with the wave to let go of the rope. Both Sarah and Kayley also were able to get up and have a good go on the surf board. Doug and Michele did it again, then Chris took his turn water skiing while Michele piloted the boat. Eddie and I had a great time riding in the boat and cheering for everyone. A fantastic treat was watching two bald eagles in a tree (and flying) on the shore.

We really enjoyed getting to know our friends better and seeing their compound over there. We decided it's like being at a hut, only it's on the water not on the trail system. We'd never been to Green Mountain Reservoir before, so it was a special day for us!

Here are some pictures...

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