Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Denver Zoo and Just Between Friends

Shawna and I took Holly and Eddie to the Denver Zoo this morning, then we went on to drop off about 200 items of gently-loved children's clothing to the Just Between Friends sale that will happen this weekend. At the Zoo, we visited the lions, a leopard, a jaguar, the zebras, giraffes, seals, polar bears, and the gorillas. The leopard and jaguar paced in their cages, but everyone else seemed relaxed and happy enough. I could have watched the gorillas all day. There are two large ones and a very young one. One (at least) of them is a silver back and so majestic. He sat up tall watching over his territory. I could not see the other large one well. The young, small one was right in front of us munching leaves she'd grabbed from our side of the fence. I really could have watched them for much longer.

And the carousel was a highlight again...big smiles from the little ones.

The clothes we took to the JBF sale are a number of Summer items that didn't sell at our May WiggleWear sale. We hope they will sell there... there will be probably 1500 people coming to buy at this sale. If they do sell, we will get 65% of the sales price, a good percentage for consignment. It's a very good concept - the consignor does all the pricing, tagging, and hanging and so makes a larger percentage than in a usual consignment shop. I love all the things we brought. It was almost hard to leave them there... much harder than putting them up for sale at our store.
Finally, we also went to the Cherry Creek Mall to kill some time. I am proud to say that Eddie asked, when we walked into the mall, if it was the airport. My child is more familiar with airports than with the mall!! As he would say, "wooo hooo!"
Have a great night!

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