Monday, August 4, 2008

Dunk and Dash

Well... just dunk, really. And I only swam one lap of it instead of two.

Doug watched Eddie so that I could do the Avon Dunk and Dash tonight. The race consists of a 1/2 mile swim or a mile swim in Avon's Nottingham Lake and then a three mile run. I haven't done a multi sport race in six years or so... and I didn't tonight either! I swam the first loop (1/2 mile) and called it quits... which is unlike me, but that was a HARD swim for me! I need to get in the pool more. But, in hindsight, it was really fun to be out there with Eddie and Doug cheering me on from the shore. And I saw my friend Claire, who did the whole thing. She's a very strong woman and I applaud her! I'll try to keep up the swimming and head out there again next week (or if not next week, then next Summer, as next week is the last of that series).

For a picture, since I don't have one of the dunk, here is the orchid we received as a wedding gift five years ago. It's still so beautiful and going strong! Have a great night...

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